The Gallery

If you were playing poker would you trust this face?
Marg (Margie)

Nuff said...
Mel and Scott (wiggum)

Hangin out with the Man
Scott (wiggum) and Rasmus (Rasmus)

A dog and a bottle of Vodka

I'm makin waffles!

I look cute now but guess what I left in the kitchen!

We're goin to the Cowwwwboyyys!
Marg (Margie) and Scott (Wiggum)

Spot the Millionare
Pop, my Dad, and my Uncles

Head Shot!
Brett (Vampire)

What's sexier than a woman operating machinery?
Marg (Margie)

Christening the Deck

Yarrrrrrr! Show me yer dablooms!

We can both drink you under the table!
Nico and Boony (Boon)

Must've been a good night out ehhh gav?
(Gavin - "BossHogg")

"You to can achieve your goals....
beeeefcaaakkee, BEEEFFCAAAAKKKEEE!!!!!"
(Dazza - "Morfeeus")

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